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A luxury car providing service that assures the perfect comfortable rides and proudly guarantees a quality drive!


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About Us

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About Us

Don’t miss a flight or wait after a flight. Our chauffeurs are right there to provide you with the finest airport travel service!

A luxury car providing service that assures the perfect comfortable rides and proudly guarantees a quality drive!

History Of Sprain Limo

Originated in 2019, Sprain Limo is one of the marvellous sources for availing best black car and limo services in the USA. We mainly deal in the tri-state areas i.e., New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Our Story

We have been dealing in providing you with the most contenting car services in the Tri-State area. We have been dealing with many clients who book us for their long term as well as short term conveyance facilities. 

We have been fulfilling what our clients need. Whether it’s airport travel, an hourly service, a point-to-point trip or corporate travel for business rides, we provide quality in all. Making it the perfect experience has enabled our customers to become our permanent and loyal clients. 

We also have professional experience in providing transport services to various clients from several industries.

Mission Statement & Vision Statement

Sprain Limo is on a mission to provide every other person with a comfortable and affordable yet classy ride.

We have aimed vision to achieve high grounds of such a service that advances each customer into a permanent one. Also, endeavouring for a successful approach of making chauffeur service approachable in further areas of USA.

Why Choose Us?

Sprain Limo is one of the best car providers for all who want a relaxed yet classy ride. Dealing in black cars at many levels and delivering the one according to your demands. Not just the cars, but the perfect service of our professional chauffeurs too. 

Whether it’s a whole day ride or just a mini drop-off from anywhere, choose us for a fantastic experience.

Only Quality For Clients

   Extremely perfected and dependable travel experience with adept chauffeurs you can get!
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Extraordinarily Remarkable Drive

Endeavoring for brilliance through all dealings with each time you choose us. We bring you a superbly pro chauffeur service leaving an impression that makes you get such a relaxed yet classy drive again.

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Cost-Effective Amenities

Leading you to such a riding facility that delivers a filling experience and takes care of your bank as well. You get to pick among numerous options according to your ease and requirement, and we assure to provide pristine quality

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Magnificent Transport Facilities

Whether it’s a limo or other cars from the fleet, you are guaranteed a high level of excellence. The clean and modest cars with safe and reliable means will convey to you an innovative sense of transport services.